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Our Cybersecurity services start with assisting entities in assessing their IT security infrastructure. This includes evaluting the as-is state, targeting the to-be state and then creating a migration plan to attain their goals. We can then help to implement the migration plan and provide ongoing monitoring that ensures the defined security requirements are being maintained. KSI is familiar with meeting all FISMA requirements for up to Medium level classified systems.

Cybersecurity Capabilities

Contingency Planning

  • Policy Review & Recovery Strategies
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Information System Contingency Plans
  • Plan and Execute Testing/Exercises
  • Risk management processes/supporting tools/technologies
  • Risk management key performance indicators &  metrics

Security Operations Support

  • Monitoring, analyzing, and maintaining the health of the network security operations systems
  • Responding to events and alerts
  • Managing and executing security remediation activities regarding vulnerabilities and exploits

Application Security

  • Document Secure Coding Standards
  • Document Security Design/Architecture
  • Manual Code Reviews
  • Continuous Monitoring for New Vulnerabilities