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Data Warehousing

With over 40 years of staff data warehousing experience dating from 1998, Koniag Services, Incorporated (KSI) continues to build on its experience in creating mission critical, integrated, time-variant historical collections of data in support of customer decision making processes. And, unlike many companies, KSI provides a full service of data warehousing capabilities including:


KSI can perform all aspect of data warehouse design and architecture. We have experience in designing and developing warehouses that range from a small number of data sources and minimal business requirements to  those having dozens of data sources in different data formats from different database types supporting multiple, inter-related business needs. We have experienced personnel in all layers of the architecture, including Data Source Layer, Data Extraction Layer, Staging Area, ETL Layer, Data Storage Layer, Data Logic Layer, Data Presentation Layer, Metadata Layer, and System Operations Layer.

Requirement Gathering

Including identity of end user reporting and analysis requirements, hardware sizing information, training requirements, data source identification, Identify and analyze existing informational capabilities, significant business questions and key metrics that the target user group regards as their most important requirements for information. The single most important requirement is the identification and understanding of the business requirement for the data warehouse.

Physical Environment Setup and Hosting

KSI believes in creating, at a minimum, a development and a production environment, while often including a separate testing environment. In addition, KSI is uniquely qualified in that we have a hosting solution that meets FedRAMP minimum requirements and has received FedRAMP Provisional Authorization to Operate.

Data Modeling

KSI performs all three levels of data modeling…conceptual, logical, and physical. The conceptual model identifies entities and their relationships. The logical model includes entity attributes, keys, and normalization of the data. The physical model shows table and column structure, relationships between tables, and modification of data structure based on physical constraints and requirements.

Extraction, Transformation, Loading (ETL)

Often the most time consuming area in building a data warehouse, ETL consists of Extraction (getting the data to the data warehouse), Transformation (manipulating the data so that it may operate with other data required by the business solution), and Loading the data into the appropriate tables to support queries and reports.

OLAP Cube Design

Online analytical processing (OLAP) cubes attempt to depict multidimensional information in a two dimensional physical space, such as a table. KSI creates the cube and its dependent components, including dimensions and measures (stored and calculated); maps the OLAP model to source data; loading data into the dimensions and measures; and viewing the OLAP data.

Front End Development

KSI front-end options ranges from an internal front-end development using scripting languages such as ASP, PHP, or Perl, to off-the-shelf products such as Seagate Crystal Reports, to the more higher-level products such as Actuate. We can also incorporate front end tools that are a part of the OLAP toolset selected.

Report Development

Driven by the requirements gathering, KSI designs the reports to answer the customer’s business needs. This includes user customization, report delivery methodology, and providing access control to the various reports that can be generated. In addition, KSI assists in developing customized and ad hoc reports when needed.

Performance Tuning

KSI monitors the performance of the data warehouse against agreed upon Service Level Agreements (SLA). This includes measure of the ETL data loading, query processing, and report delivery. When performance and quality of service approach SLA limits, KSI performs a root cause analysis and tunes the affected areas of the warehouse to restore performance.

Query Optimization

KSI works with each customer to assist them in defining their queries to meet business requirements and then create the query design to optimize how it is executed and reduce impact on system resources.

Quality Assurance

KSI provides a specialized testing environment to support QA activity and actively solicits customer participation in this very important activity. Quality Assurance is independent of development and is designed to make sure that requirements are met or exceeded, nothing in a new release impacts other data warehouse functions, and the form and fit of the front end meets customer requirements.

Rolling out to Production

KSI not only installs the original and new releases, but creates and provides user training in the functionality of the system.

Production Maintenance

KSI provides normal maintenance activities such as system back-up and restore, end user monitoring, service desk for tier 0-3 requirements, operational availability measurement, and proper, useable documentation. KSI also helps create and maintain the Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) and Disaster Recovery (DR) processes.

Incremental Enhancements

KSI utilizes an Agile process to build, test, and deploy system enhancements. In general, we work with the customer to develop an enhancement methodology and time schedule that addresses simple, routine enhancements such as updating location identifications, large scale modifications caused by a change in basic requirements, and emergency changes as a result of some precipitating event where the change must be made out of cycle.