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IT Enterprise Planning & Investment

Koniag Services, Inc. (KSI) provides Enterprise IT Solutions for clients that require expert support in designing, integrating and implementing IT projects across their network enterprise. KSI’s focus is to provide detailed and comprehensive support to various agencies seeking to implement enterprise-wide IT solutions and upgrades to increase our clients’ operational effectiveness in meeting mission requirements. Our expertise includes: requirements collection and validation, prototyping and configuration, customization and enhancement, deployment, and support.

IT Enterprise Planning & Investment Capabilities

  • Capital Planning & Investment Control (CPIC) – KSI’s comprehension of OMB, Government Accounting Office (GAO), and Chief Information Officers (CIO) Council guidance combined with our experience in providing CPIC support enables our in-depth and insightful understanding of complex CPIC documents. Our experts distill large datasets into digestible and decision-ready information, streamlining executive decision making and facilitating decision implementation. KSI staff also has extensive experience with multiple business case editing/processing tools, including Electronic Capital Planning & Investment Control (eCPIC).
  • Project Management – KSI provides Project Management Professionals (PMPs – certified by the Project Management Institute) to serve our clients’ CPIC needs.
  • Enterprise Architecture – We create and maintain an ‘As-is’ architecture, resulting in a solid ‘As-Is’ architecture baseline which is the foundation for an actionable, exploitable, and effective Enterprise Architecture (EA). We transform the EA into a recognized tool for supporting business decisions. A target architecture is then created and used to guide and communicate the existing state of the enterprise, as well as a mechanism to define and control transformation within the enterprise.
  • Operational Analysis (OA) – KSI developed an OA approach for a client that has since been adopted across the department as a best practice. It focuses on whether a legacy system investment still supports a strategic purpose for the organization, whether the organization is getting sufficient value from it, looks for opportunities to derive greater value from it, and predicts the future performance of the investment. It has been invaluable in helping our client make better decisions regarding their legacy system investments.
  • Business Case Analysis – KSI experts work with client decision makers to prepare effective business cases supporting planned IT investments which include analysis of IT systems alternatives including weighing and rating criteria, benefits, costs, and risks. As experts in OMB requirements and processes we provide focused analytical products assisting business owners in preparing their source data. KSI conducts multiple interim reviews to ensure the developing business case tracks precisely with client demands, preferences, and concerns and that meet CPIC and OMB criteria.
  • Training – KSI provides both CPIC-specific training as well as training in auxiliary domains such as IT strategic planning, project management – including risk management, EVM, analysis of alternatives, and budget analysis. This helps our clients achieve higher Information Technology Investment Maturity (ITIM) levels.